Education & Outreach

Protect Our Ocean Paniolos!

Educating Our Keiki

Through this program we educate our keiki about the negative effects polluted stormwater can have on our rivers, oceans, and wildlife downstream. On a regular basis, our engineers and scientists visit schools and present students with a multitude of stormwater awareness educational materials meant to engage and foster a better understanding of the way stormwater can affect our natural environment.

For their continued involvement in this noble cause, students who take part in this program become one of our very special Protect Our Ocean Paniolos! We thank the Protect Our Ocean Paniolos for helping to spread stormwater awareness to their families, neighbors and friends and are grateful for the opportunity we have to instill in our keiki the importance of protecting our environment on Maui!

Coloring Guide

This rainy day activity helps to teach keiki about the negative impact polluted stormwater can have on our ocean. Print and color your favorite Storm Patrol characters!

Teacher’s Guide

Guide your students through our stormwater presentation and lead them in discussions about stormwater pollution in Hawaii.

Stormwater Quiz

Do you know what it takes to protect Maui’s oceans from stormwater pollution? Test your knowledge with our interactive quiz!

Education Outreach Workshops & Presentations

Want to be a part of our Public Education and Outreach Program?


If you would like for us to come to your school or organization please contact Ty Fukuroku for more information at

Rethink-A-Thon 2021

In celebration of Earth Day, we invited all Maui County residents to be a part of Rethink-A-Thon 2021. They shared their creative DIY projects that rethought a throwaway item, gave it new life, and kept it out of the waste stream. It's easy, fun, and eco-friendly!