Baldwin High School Virtual Biology Presentation

Dec 3, 2020

On December 3, 2020, HWY-M’s instructor, Dr. Daniel Garcia, gave a virtual presentation to Baldwin High School 10th grade Biology students. This class consisted of 10 students and 1 teacher, with the presentation focusing on the effects stormwater pollution can have on ecosystems, both locally and globally. Dr. Garcia explained how pollutants on roadways can be carried by stormwater into Maui's water bodies, like streams and the ocean, and the ways in which these pollutants can harm wildlife in these habitats. Discussions also included HWY-M’s work to mitigate and prevent pollutants from entering Maui’s storm drainage system and how students and their families can be stormwater conscious in their daily routines. In addition, Dr. Garcia also provided insight into prospective career paths in the field of stormwater management to help inspire more stormwater professionals in the future.