Kahului Elementary School Public Education Event

Feb 19, 2020

Maui Highways District personnel visited Kahului Elementary School over the span of two days to experience another hands-on educational event about stormwater and the potential impacts related to our highways. The first event on February 19, 2020 educated a total of 8 teachers and 73 third grade students.

The second event on February 21, 2020 educated a total of 6 teachers and 68 third grade students.

Within each session, students were shown a presentation on the potential pollutants that exist and how they may impact stormwater. They were then able to interact with a “stormwater model” that simulates the way in which untreated stormwater is taken off of our roads and highways, and into our oceans and streams.

Additionally, Maui Highways District personnel used an interactive activity that quizzed the students knowledge on stormwater. The class was split into teams and collaborated on the fun online survey.

Following the presentation, each student received a “Protect Our Water” pencil and activity book.

The activity that quizzed the students knowledge.