Paia Elementary School Public Education Event

Feb 7, 2020

On February 7, 2020, Maui Highways District personnel visited Paia Elementary School to experience a hands-on educational event about stormwater and the potential impacts related to our highways. The event educated a total of 10 teachers and 173 students from Grades 3 through 5.

Students were first shown a presentation on the potential pollutants that exist and how they may impact stormwater. They were then able to interact with a “stormwater model” that simulates the way in which untreated stormwater is taken off of our roads and highways, and into our oceans and streams. Together, this event educated students on the impacts that stormwater carrying pollutants may have on these invaluable resources.

Following the presentation, each student received a “Protect Our Water” pencil and keychain.