What We Do: Protect Maui's Stormwater

Ways to Make a Difference

We all need to do our part to Protect Our Water. Here are environmentally mindful practices to implement at home, at work, and in our community to mālama i ka wai.


Adopting good habits in your everyday routine can help keep our streams and the ocean clean. Learn how you can make a difference.

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Incorporating Best Management Practices helps to promote responsible business operations and good corporate stewardship. Learn more.

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Designers & Contractors

Construction projects often involve ground disturbing activities that can negatively impact our water resources. Learn more about erosion and sediment control.

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Harbor Users

Harbor users have a unique opportunity and responsibility to protect the ocean from pollution by incorporating Best Management Practices into their daily operations. Learn more.

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Landscaping activities can greatly impact local streams and the ocean. By following these useful tips, you can have a beautiful yard and avoid pollution.

Get Involved & Get Educated

Adopt-A-Highway Program

Get involved by joining our public service program. Volunteer groups pick up litter along Hawaii’s state highways, helping to prevent trash from reaching our oceans.

Education Outreach Workshops & Presentations

We love to teach people and increase awareness about pollution and stormwater. Through this program, our engineers and scientists visit schools and organizations to hold educational workshops.

Stormwater Hotline

Your good actions can reduce the impact of pollutants on our local waterbodies and help keep them safe for fishing, swimming, surfing and the many other ways that our community enjoys the water.