Make a Difference at Work

Businesses play a vital role in Maui's community. They also have special concerns and responsibilities when it comes to keeping our water clean. It's important that businesses ensure their activities protect against stormwater pollution.

Protect Storm Drains at Your Site

Ensure that your business activities allow only stormwater to enter the drains at your site. It's also important to prevent pollutants from leaving your site, as they can negatively impact nearby drains and streams.

Provide Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

Place covered trash cans and recycling receptacles around your facility to minimize litter.

Cover and Maintain Dumpsters

Dumpster lids should be kept closed as much as possible, and if practicable, dumpsters should be placed in a sheltered location to prevent rainwater from entering. Check dumpsters frequently for leaks – plastic liners are recommended to prevent leakage of liquids. If you must hose out a dumpster, ensure there is adequate containment and that none of the wash water is discharged to a storm drain or body of water.

Dry Sweep Paved Surfaces

Dry sweep paved surfaces that drain to storm drains, creeks or channels. Never sweep or blow leaves or debris into storm drains. 

Do not hose down driveways, sidewalks, and other paved surfaces with water, as doing so will transport any pollutants along the water's path into the nearest storm drain. If pavement flushing is necessary, use silt ponds or other techniques to trap sediment and other pollutants.

Clean Up Leaks, Drips and Spills Immediately

Clean any leaks, drips or spills immediately and properly so they do not contaminate the soil or groundwater, or leave residue on paved surfaces. Have a spill kit ready and use dry cleanup methods whenever possible. Ensure that absorbent materials are disposed of properly. If you must use water, use just enough to clean the spill without causing runoff.

Maintain Oil/Water Separators

Maintain and service oil/water separators and grease traps frequently to ensure they are working properly.