Harbor Users

Malama I Ke Awa Kai

Protect Our Harbor Waters

One of 10 properties managed by the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) Harbors Division, Kahului Harbor services cargo vessels as well as large passenger carriers, and is the main commercial marine port for the island of Maui and the third busiest in Hawaii. All harbor users have a unique opportunity and responsibility to protect the ocean from pollution by incorporating Best Management Practices into their daily operations.

When Fueling, Take Care to Avoid Spills.

  • Whenever possible, vehicle fueling should be conducted only in designated areas specifically designed to contain spills and prevent contact with storm water.
  • Avoid positioning upstream or adjacent to storm drainage features.
  • Utilize drip pans if remote or mobile fueling is required.

When Transferring Fuel:

  • Utilize impervious surfaces and secondary containment designed to prevent stormwater runoff.
  • Equip dispensing nozzles with automatic shut-off controls.

If a Spill Occurs:

Ensure spill kits are available and immediately clean up and properly dispose of used absorbent materials.