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Help Us Protect Maui’s Waters

Residents and visitors play an important role in protecting our ocean and waters, by identifying and reporting illicit discharges and illegal connections along Maui’s State Highways. Your good actions can reduce the impact of pollutants on our local waterbodies and help keep them safe for fishing, swimming, surfing and the many other ways that our community enjoys the water.

What is an Illicit Discharge?

An illicit discharge is anything released into a storm drain that is not comprised entirely of stormwater. Oils, paints, petroleum, chemicals and other liquids, landscaping debris and sediment, trash and dry weather flow (runoff when no rain event has occurred) are a few common examples. If you see any illicit discharges along a State Highway, please report them promptly to the Maui District.

What is an Illegal Connection?

An illegal connection is any unpermitted physical conveyance (pipe, gutter, hose) that discharges from a private property directly to a storm drain or gutter along a State Highway.

Examples of What to Report:

Illegal dumping

Runoff with a distinct color or odor

Illegal connections

Oil spills

Construction related runoff

Dry weather flow

How should I submit a report?

Have you noticed a possible illicit discharge or illegal connection? Please let us know so we can work to address it. Reports may be submitted by calling Maui District’s Stormwater Hotline at (808) 873-3535 or via the online Stormwater Hotline Form.

Please include as much of the following details as possible

  • Your contact information. This will help our inspectors should they need to contact you with any questions about your report.
  • The date, time, and location of the observed occurrence.
  • A photo of the occurrence.
  • A description of the discharge, including the material and amount release.
  • A description of the person and/or license plate number of the vehicle associated with the occurrence. Our inspectors will initially provide public education to the responsible party and may follow up with enforcement measures as appropriate.

Mahalo for Protecting Maui’s Water!

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